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The Traveling Drawing School is a community building educational project. The main idea is to invite artists, and people from other disciplines, asking them to run drawing classes based on fixed topics. The main communication in the class is verbal, only the students (the drawers) are producing materialized products of the ideas: series of drawings and notes.

The aim of the project:
- Learning the concrete communication through drawing.
- To understand the topics and make this seen on the final drawings.
- To reach the personal opinion of the drawers about the topics.

- In different countries the topics have other nuances and relevance; it should be interesting to compare the results.
- The involved people would spend only short time together; the meaning of the community in this case is more abstract. I am not interested in teaching of the masses, the self-conscious man cannot be taught in masses.

- Teaching through drawing, and not to draw. Teaching the drawers to communicate in concrete way through drawing.
- It is not the aesthetic quality of the final drawing, which is important. To make visible the understanding of the discussed issues, and the personal opinion can be seen on them.

- The way of speaking about these issues has to be different from the institutionalized teaching systems methods.
- To draw – besides of creating the final products of the project – is just a supplementary activity, the most important things are what the artists are speaking during the classes.

1. Work, money, freedom, and the relation between them
2. The influence of the TV, press and media on the society and interpersonal relation
3. Racism, stranger heathery, us, you, all kinds of local specifications of these
4. Systems, offices, poverty relations, we are living among violent structures.
5. Family, school, clubs and/or other micro-social structures

First event of the School will be in
Budapest, Studió Gallery, between 22-27 of March, 2010

More detalis soon!

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